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We support the sanctity of human life as a gift from our Creator, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. The life of the unborn should be protected, And be given the same opportunity to pursue happiness as those outside of the womb.

Marriage & Family

We support the institution of marriage and the important roles of father and mother. We honor the full-time homemaker and her rights in social security and the joint income tax.

We oppose government-financed incentives that result in fatherless children, divorce, illegitimacy, and stereotyping men as abusers of women.

We oppose same-sex marriages, tax-funded abortions and drafting our daughters into military combat.

We oppose the concept that the government should raise and educate the child. We oppose public schools undermining parents on moral issues.

We support lower income taxes on married couples with children.

Second Amendment

We support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed in the Second Amendment.


We support every child being able to read using phonics by the end of the first grade. We support parents teaching their own children to read before they enter school.

We support teaching schoolchildren accurate American history and that we are a land of freedom and opportunity.


We oppose teaching schoolchildren that America is an unjust nation and they should conform to left-wing goals of diversity, multiculturalism, political correctness, and globalism.


We support fathers’ and mothers’ rights to guide the education of their own children and to home school without oppressive government regulations.

We oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory and any national control of testing or curriculum. We oppose data-mining school children.

We oppose taxpayer financed and regulated daycare and per-kindergarten and taxpayer-paid parental leave.


We support making elections honest by requiring picture ID and cleaning up registration rolls.


We support the private enterprise system and reject tax-and-spend government or a global economy.

We support foreign trade agreements only with a level playing field for U.S. workers and products.

Border Security

We support border security to stop the entry of illegal aliens, illegal drugs, women seeking to give birth to “anchor babies,” criminal gangs, and potential terrorists.

We oppose amnesty and guest-worker visas. We should help the legal foreign-born residents to honor America.


We support U.S. military superiority as the best key to national security and world peace.

American Sovereignty

We oppose all encroachments against American sovereignty through U.N. treaties or conferences that try to impose energy restrictions, trade regulations, global taxes, gun registration, or feminist goals.

Health Care

We support putting control of health care spending in the hands of individuals by making health insurance tax-deductible for all persons.

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