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Eagle Forum of California MONTHLY WEBINARS
The 4th Monday of every month, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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“Protecting Life, Liberty and Property”

September 16, 2023, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Heartwood Church, 4689 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 

Speakers Include:


MC - Pastor Andy Springer

Pastor Springer, is pastor the of the Heartwood Church since 2017. Wanting to make a difference in his county, he ran for Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in the June 2022 election. He is a graduate of Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville. Florida, where he also worked in Recruitment and Admissions. He serves on the Sonoma County Eagle Forum Board as VP in charge of membership. He will speak on “God Was the Founder of this Nation and Its Constitution – to Have His Protection, We Must Turn Back to God.”


Trevor Loudon 

Originally from New Zealand, popular speaker, author of several books revealing how Communism is infiltrating our nation as it has New Zealand. He is the filmmaker of the documentary “Enemies Within.” He has done much research of the radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on our government, schools and even our Churches. His topic is: “The Threat of Communism to our Nation, our Constitution, and Life, Liberty, and Property.”


Gayle Ruzicka

State President of Eagle Forum of Utah for 40 years and host of a weekly radio show. She is known as Utah’s leading spokesperson for prolife, pro-family, conservative causes. She will speak on “Tools to Protect Parental Rights and Protect Kids from Indoctrination and Sexual Exploitation in our Public Schools.” She will also speak on “The Threat to our Constitution of an Article V Convention.”


Nan Su

Former radio host and TV reporter, now a Senior Correspondent for the popular  conservative newspaper, The Epoch Times. He was born in China and his chief focus as a reporter is on the Chinese Communist Party, politics and deception, including COVID. He will speak on “The threat of Communist China to the US Constitution and to Life, Liberty and Property.”


Orlean Koehle

Founder and President of Sonoma County Eagle Forum; Former state President of Eagle Forum of California for 20 years, former teacher, author of 14 books; now a free-lance writer for Epoch Times. She is proud of the fact that on both sides of her family, her forefathers fought in the Revolutionary War. She will speak on “The Miracles that Happened in the Making of America and our Constitution - for More Miracles to Happen We Must Turn Back to God.”


Kurt Streutker

Science teacher for 25 years in the public schools, popular speaker about the myths of climate change and evolution, worked six years for Answers in Genesis in Tennessee. He will speak on “To Protect and Value Life, One Must Know the Truth from Where Life Originated; the Blatant Lies of Evolution Being Taught as Science in our Public Schools and Colleges.”

Summer Boger – State President of Eagle Forum of California 2.jpg

Summer Boger 

State President of Eagle Forum of California. She is a holistic health practitioner which she has done for 20 years, specializing in the care of prenatal and postpartum women. She has been especially active in fighting the mandatory vaccine policies in California. She will speak on “The Bad Track Record of Vaccines and the Threat of Mandatory Vaccines to Life and Liberty.”


Tim Ballard (By Zoom)

Tim is the courageous man whom the popular movie “Sound of Freedom” is depicting, played by Jim Caviezel. Tim worked for 10 years as a Special Agent for the DHS, assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative. He then went on his own rescuing hundreds more children under the organization that he founded “Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).” His topic will be “To Protect Life, We All Need to Be Aware and Involved in Stopping Sex Trafficking of Children.”

The Cost is $30 - Early bird special $25 before September 10th

$15 for Students Age 10-25

Following the program, there will be a raffle and live auction; proceeds go to scholarships for young people to attend special Eagle Forum events for Student Eagles.

The Luncheon will include: a variety of sandwiches, salads, chips and drinks and birthday cake for dessert.


Eagle Council is Eagle Forum’s Annual Leadership and Training Conference. Join us in the Nation’s Capital for training, expert speakers, and a stellar program designed to educate, enrich, and empower YOU to be a more informed, engaged, and effective U.S. citizen!

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Registration (PDF)

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